Sick Facebook pages get sicker.

We all know that lots of Jew hatred is out there. We know it ends up on Facebook and other social media sites.
How long does it take to get a page removed? If you can – head over to FB and flag the page, and then let us know on the comment below!

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  • I’m sorry, but can anyone please explain the strategy in getting things banned and pages removed? The hatred doesn’t disappear, all that does is the evidence and exposure of it. It’s kind of like the Ground Zero Mosque and it’s shady backers 99% of Jewlicious contributors are supporting (I know, the theory/concept of it, not IT itself, I know, I know, Jews and their dogmatic pursuit of ideological purity and all that). Maybe I should apply my advice to the GZM. Maybe they should build it so everyday Americans know what hatred looks like and can walk over and see it every day. Or we can disappear it like a bad facebook page. What to do? What to do?

  • it is not still there, it is another page created by the same person with the same title – will have to have this one removed also

  • So no one can answer my question? This thread is a case in point. Yeah, you took one down! What? There’s another one just like it? Ok, take that down. Then what? Another pops up. These are words, thoughts, ideas… They’re far more plentiful and easy to create than new terrorists. Those you keep taking out until they’re all dead. You will never do that with hateful websites or groups or threads or comments. You will eventually reach entropy. I say, leave them up and ridicule them, point at them and discredit them. Show people who don’t believe how palpable the hatred is that it exists, is plentiful, and help those people become advocates for you. Either that, or find out who posts them, grab a Louisville slugger, a Bear Jew, and head over to their house, then you can guarantee they won’t repost it. This stuff you guys are doing, while valiant and admirable, doesn’t change a thing. I took down a few sites years ago. It got me nowhere. You know what was rewarding? When I badgered PETA to death to go after Arafat for strapping a bomb to a donkey shahid. Those idiots at PETA of course did, and made fools of themselves as well as the Palestinians. We’re Jews. Our weapons are intellect and comedy, not data entry. We have Third Worlders for that.

  • I have taken down hundreds and will continue to take them down with the help of my contact in Facebook…

    Thanks for the input though!

  • Does everyone else see this irony? The same long-armed, small-brained goons whose goose-stepping rhetoric is, “There WAS no Holocaust!” are salivating for ANOTHER?? A Little Night Logic, please, Herr Dummkopf. By all rules of reason, there must be a FIRST occurrence before there can exist “ANOTHER”! So, to the Brown Shirt Brain Trust I say, has the doctrine of Barnes, Zundel, Rockwell, et al, turned out to be the lie that came home to roost? Welcome to the era of FLAME PROOF TRUTH and swastika bedecked human treyf.

  • why do you want to have it removed? like alex said, the hatred still remains.

    let the world see what a bunch of savages they are.

  • the world already knows what a bunch of savages they are…

    these places become breeding grounds for people who never had an opinion before and them they see these pages and grow an opinion and hatred towards us…

    this has all been thought out trust me and I am not the only one who does this – JIDF and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre are involved too…

    thanks for the comments though.

  • I wish people wouldn’t post anti-Semitic pages on Facebook.

  • AlexK, did you say 99% of Jewlicious contributors back the Mosque by Ground Zero? That is somewhat surprising to me. Was that before more news about the Mosque’s leader came out?

  • Almost as much as you hate lower cased letters Playa? By the way, I just got your IP address. I’m going to come to your mom’s basement, shove a dreidel up your arse and sew it shut. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids… Playa.

  • Nathan,

    Just saw your post. I’m pretty sure they all still back it. I believe one of them, all nice people really, thinks Yusuf Islam, is a moderate too. Lol.

  • AlexK, you ask the reason to ban them? We will fight them on all fronts! There is no such thing as a fair fight, you win! Destroy the propaganda in any way when you see it, tear down the posters, fliers, swastikas, Heeb Magazine, and facebook! Jewish cousins, boycott facebook! When you see Mark Zuckerberg, confront him! When his name comes up, you tell people he’s a self-hating Jew. Nazi! He is an enemy to all people, all humanity, and morality. I handle him like I did that other self-hating Jew, that Jewhater Josh Neuman. If you know Josh Neuman and you’re reading this, you tell him nothing is forgotten. Shame on the Jews who gave him the seed money to slander us with his rag. Josh Neuman is worse than ten Mel Gibsons and don’t tell me it’s satire when every issue contains slander! Degradation! Insults! Calls to arms against Jews! Anti-Semitism! Betrayal! Smut! Bigotry! Propaganda! Propaganda is not nothing, it’s something indeed–psychological warfare and this is war! If you’re a spreading anti-Semitism like Mark Shmuckerberg, Josh Neuman, you are the enemy to the Jewish people! Do not let them into your temples and synagogues! Oppose them in every way you can! May G-d strike them with cancer!

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