That’s the hut holiday

The good folks at have been releasing videos for the high holidays and this video features the inspired choice of Hadara Levin Areddy. In a world full of uninspiring female singer songwriters, Jerusalem-based Hadara stands head and shoulders above a very crowded field. Despite her many achievements, she is probably one of the best artists you’ve never heard of.

The song is inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes. Read by Ashkenazim on the fist Sabbath of Sukkot and by Sephardim on Shemini Atseret (the holiday immediately after Sukkot) it’s refrain of “everything is vanity” is seen by some as a reminder not to get too carried away by all the feasting and celebrating. Others see the book as a call to prioritize the spiritual above the physical. Either way, Ecclesiastes is actually very cool and this video is a perfect g-dcast creation. Bravo Sarah, Matthue and Hadara!

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