Maybe dumb Nazis.

Mural of Israeli NBA player Omri Caspi defaced by some idiot.

The Sac bee reports:

The Sacramento Police Department is investigating as a possible hate crime graffiti painted on a mural of Sacramento Kings players in the midtown area.

Police Department spokesman Officer Konrad von Schoech said a report was received about noon Wednesday that a swastika had been painted on a plywood mural at 16th and R streets. The backward swastika was painted on the forehead of Kings player Omri Casspi, who is from Israel.

“This act of hate and intolerance is despicable and cowardly, said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg in a written statement. “It is all the more offensive because it occurred on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish new year. As residents of Sacramento, we are fortunate to live in a community that respects and draws strength from our individual differences. But we also are united in condemning the cowardly acts of those who wish to sow fear, hatred, and anger toward others based on their religious beliefs.”

“We take this kind of incident very seriously,” von Schoech said. “Any time we have this type of hate symbolism, it elevates the severity.”

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  • it is amazing that police payed attention for this act of nazism. in russia, for example, even in central cities every yard is painted with swastica BUT NO ONE GIVE A SH… about this

  • 1. Backward swastikas are the original Hindu Aryan version right? Maybe this was done by a loving Hindu.

    2. One graffiti Swaztika by some punk does not a Nazi make.

    3. Hate crime? Against a wall? Jesus! Haven’t us Jews and minorities in general learned our lesson that hypersensitivity to stupidity actually hurt our cause? If I was a Gentile reading this post, I’d say “Typical Jews, always over-reacting. This time to a piece of graffiti! Call Abe Foxman! He’ll come save you.” Honestly, there’s worse stuff uttered about Jews by people on MSNBC and from the liberal left every day. Just read the comments of the article about Jews being courted by the Tea Party movement at if you want to see anti-Semitism in the flesh.

  • Growing up in the Bay Area, we were all rattled when three synagogues were torched in the Sac’to area one year… there are definitely neo-Nazi elements in that part of the state.

  • My name is Nathan Nagelkerk and I live in Grand Rapids, MI. Thankfully I do not remember seeing any anti-Semitic symbols in our streets.