Perhaps they had heard that there were Jewels of Elul; that there is liquid gold on dipped apples. Maybe that is why two criminals ascended to Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood on Monday to rob an Apple Bank for Savings.

The robbery got botched, a gunmen fired two shots into the bank ceiling, and when the would be robber fled the bank, he was given a beatdown by members the neighborhood Shomrim security patrol. Later, one member, Marc Katz, pretending that his radio was a gun, and convinced one of the foiled bandits to let go of a female hostage during a carjacking. Katz and others then chased the gunman, who was firing shots from his weapon, and cornered him until NYPD detectives arrived.

A video of the aftermath is here. Attention Would-Be bandits… the Jewels of Elul are online… and not at the bank branches.

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