Noted Israel Hater Y-Love set to perform in Israel

So as you may or may not know, Shemspeed artist, rapper ROI and Jewlicious Festival alum Yitz Jordan aka Y Love is headed to Israel next week in order to perform a series of shows. Why? Because that’s what a Jewish rapper does, right? Well… it seems, as you can see from the image above, that some folks have taken umbrage with Yitz’s visit and are planning to protest and perhaps pelt him with fruit during his shows!

And I totally understand them too. I mean what the heck business does Y-Love have being all provocative with his message of “unity” and that photo of a Jewish and Arab child embracing? So yes, I will be joining our Kahanist friends in protesting Y-Love’s left wing outrage and I urge you all to join us. Now I have a few suggestions. It’s likely to be hot, so wear loose fitting white clothing. Also if it’s sunny you may want to cover your head with a loose fitting white garment or hood. So you don’t get heatstroke while demonstrating. Also, it’s important to make sure Yitz gets the message, that when he doesn’t act according to Rabbi Meir Kahane’s followers’ version of the Torah, he is being a Traitor to the Jewish people. Thus we will be burning a lower case letter T in the hopes that Yitz understands certain things like

Yitz better you be a role model to blacks to speak out aganist Farrakhan instead of letting the yeTzer hara in disguise tell you to bring a false sense of peace with our enemies .FARRAHKAN IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY CLEAN UP YOUR HO– USE FIRST.

Anyhow, if all goes well, our protest against the despicable, so-called Y-Love will look something like this:

Hey! Y-Love dude! Over here! How ya like our flaming T? It casts a great light on the goyim!

Hope to see you there! Join us and Baruch Marzel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the ghost of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (in disguise) and all of Avroham Nissim Ben Aharon’s friends in Israel as we protest in the name of Hashem. Click here for show details or visit

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