People Magazine just reported that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds officially filed for divorce Thursday at a Los Angeles court. That’s kind of miraculous no? I mean seriously. Who in their right mind would divorce Scarlett Johansson? It’s got to be some kind of miracle! And what about the timing? The day before Christmas eve? Might this have been occasioned by Johansson’s reluctance to participate in yet another Christmas celebration? One can always hope that Johansson is getting back to her Jewish roots I suppose – but I take no pleasure in her personal difficulties, although all indications are that it was an amicable split, probably occasioned by professional pressures rather than a sudden religious/cultural epiphany. Johansson, whose mother is Jewish, is now the world’s most eligible Jewish single. That’s what matters! Divorce can be difficult even when you are a celebrity if you are going through a divorce, you might find that using a law firm similar to this Family Lawyer Toronto law firm could support you through such a difficult time.

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  • I’m fairly certain that ck was being sarcastic. Although I do expect a comment any minute now from mourning the end of this relationship and blaming its demise on intolerant Jews slavishly hanging on to an outmoded concept of Jewish identity that in all likelihood wasn’t welcoming Ryan Reynolds enough.

  • What part of “I take no pleasure in her personal difficulties” did you miss exactly Polo? No one here is celebrating divorce – only that an extremely eligible Jewish woman is now available. They were married what? 2 years? Obviously it didn’t work out for a reason, no children were involved and the split was amicable. I am pretty sure they made the right decision and good for them. It’s their business and I wish them both well. If it’s literary content you are looking for then you’re in the wrong place. You might want to read a book instead. Might I suggest Narcisus and Goldmund by Hesse?

  • Hey Esther, of course you’re right. But now when I fantasize about Johansson, I won’t be contemplating adultery – once the papers are signed that is. It’s all in good fun and it sure doesn’t prevent me from dating appropriate and lovely Jewish single gals.

  • lol
    I thought that the Nazis was seeking “perfection ethnic” but I see that the Jews follow the same.

  • Hey, as a nice Goy Boy if I convert to Judasim can I get Scarlett Johansson? It would be worth it!!

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