The Sue Grinch Cant Spoil Xmas, Cuz Santa Shops for Miracles in Israel

Admit it. You watched Glee. You watched its xmas special over Hanukkah and teared up when the Sue-Grinch spoiled the celebration, or perhaps when Santa left a wheelchair-bound Artie a nifty piece of Israeli technology that allows semi-paralyzed people to stand and walk.

Want to know more and impress your fellow GLEEKS that you know more about Israeli technology than the Shas-led Interior Ministry knows about fire equipment? Argo Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and markets walk restoration devices for people with lower limb disabilities. The company’s flagship ReWalkâ„¢ product offers an ambulation alternative to wheelchair users, enabling paralyzed people to stand, walk and even climb stairs.

Argo Medical Technologies is nine years old and located in Haifa’s MATAM hi-tech industrial park; it is the product of TechnionSeed (Technion’s Incubator venture capital and support funding project)

So, the next time you are singing along with New Directions or the Warblers, you can mention to your friends that if Santaâ„¢ knew about ReWalkâ„¢, they should, too. The link to the episode on for North Americans (who can access hulu) is located HERE.

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