Hanukkah’s been fun so far out here in Jerusalem. Every day there seem to be multiple Hanukkah parties and an impossible variety of deep fried goodies. Here are some fun pics for you to enjoy:

First night in Nachlaot. Leia served baked whole wheat doughnuts amd Latkes. YUM!

My first Hanukkah. And all I got was a whole wheat doughnut...

Lighting 2nd night with the gang at Ha Finjan Restaurant

Sfinj. There are no alternatives.

Sfinj are awesome Moroccan doughnuts. Way better than the dreck sold in most bakeries. We have a recipe for these right here on Jewlicious. There are two recipes in fact. One in the post and one in the comments. Go ahead ashkenazim! Make some! And by “ashkenazim” I mean you Abby. Knock me off my high horse. Shabbat Shalom!

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