Newly released Nixon tapes show Kissinger betraying Soviet Jewry.

After Golda Meir came for a visit to the White House, the following was recorded:

An indication of Nixon’s complex relationship with Jews came the afternoon Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister, came to visit on March 1, 1973. The tapes capture Meir offering warm and effusive thanks to Nixon for the way he had treated her and Israel.

But moments after she left, Nixon and Mr. Kissinger were brutally dismissive in response to requests that the United States press the Soviet Union to permit Jews to emigrate and escape persecution there.

“The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy,” Mr. Kissinger said. “And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”

“I know,” Nixon responded. “We can’t blow up the world because of it.”

In the Atlantic, Jefferey Goldberg writes, “Holy shit.” in his blog post tonight: Henry Kissinger to Soviet Jewry: Drop Dead.

I would love to see Kissinger bumping into Sharansky right now.

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  • I am not a Kissinger fan, but just want to note that I have no problem with Nixon’s answers here.

  • Personally, i don’t mind it when evil, immoral people like Kissinger and Nixon hate on my people. I’d be more offended if they praised Jews.

  • Vintage realpolitik from Kissinger. Certainly his remarks are consistent with his policy of relaxation of tensions with the Soviet Union. Nixon and Kissinger may also have had a heavy sense of America’s diminished capacities during the wind-down of the Vietnam War.

    This is a nice encapsulation of the tension between national interest and human rights in foreign policy formulation.

  • I’m skcocked! Shocked I tell you. Next you are going to tell me Barack Obama is anti-Israel or something.

  • Nixon and Kissinger are anti-Semites. Does that take away from their legacy in performing their duties serving the United States of America? Absolutely it does. Jews are American, and even if we weren’t it’s the responsibility of members of society to act when they see genocide, to stop genocide. That is a lesson learned from the Holocaust. If more people would have fought back the goddamn nazis, there would not have been a Holocaust. The Holocaust was averted, thanks to World War II. So, you see, because Nixon and Kissinger were inhuman, they were subhuman. Remember you are Jewish and they are talking about your death like it was nothing.

    Nixon was a scumbag who got caught bugging his political rivals’ offices. I’d say that was an abuse of power, he did not have the right to do that. The political operatives committed burglary in the process. They were called The Wateragte Plumbers because they disguised themselves as plumbers. That’s a sleazy way to conduct yourself. I’m all for using these tactics in war, such as the aptly named US Patriot Act, but not to better one’s career. That’s the exact same shit a bunch of Hollywood people pulled with Anthony Pellicano, the private detective. He was convicted of breaking into people’s private property in Los Angeles for a bunch of industry honchos and bugging their homes. Why? To get ahead in business. Hubris. Evidently, the Church of Scientology and the Kabbalah Centre were among the clients of this man whose job was apparently to violate people’s civil rights. It has a sexually deviant shade to it. What gives me the right to judge what is sexually deviant? A brain in my head. I know that peeping in on rivals like a voyeur is depraved behavior. It is the sign of some very predatory, sick fiends. A violation like rape, to watch people’s intimate moments from afar without their consent. These people are weak, they lack moral fiber. They are menaces terrorizing the public. It’s all one big handjob to these goniffs, well the handjob is over.

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