Prager University boils down the conflict in five minutes to: “one side wants the other dead.”

It is worthwhile to note that he avoids all of the so-called hot button issues like borders, Jerusalem, settlements and refugees etc. because he believes these are resolvable once you remove the equation above.

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  • The Martian at 4:12 is from an 8-bit DOS video game called Commander Keen. Whoever made Prager’s video is a big giant nerd–like me. And like me, they also don’t fear the strong arm of US Copyright Law.

  • Dennis, I hope you’ll be reading this.

    The entirety of the middles east problem rests in Israel
    having turned its back upon Messiah approx. 2000 years ago.

    I have proof. My proof rests upon these premises.

    1. God dictated Torah to Moses letter by letter
    2. God encrypted over 35 Christian teachings into the text
    of Genesis 2:7-9 alone – the story of the creation, a story in which Jesus is said to be the primary participant. ( In fact I have hundreds of clearly laid out similar texts ready to go into print.)
    3. Since this is so, God must want us to re-think our assumptions regarding Yeshua, Jesus.

    See the cover of my soon to be relasedbook at
    All by itself, it proves the relationship between messiah and Yeshua.

    My point is this, Yahweh warned Israel to not turn away from Messiah when He comes, that if it did so, dreadful things will happen – but He will return them to their homeland at the conclusion of the age. It is now time to recieve Israels Messiah.

    Thank you,
    john Boylan