Via the Morning News, a complete list of swag Obama and the State Department have received lately as a PDF. (clicky to enlarge)

From that guy that will outlive us all, I mean Shimon Peres, a Cliche Present:

From Abbas, who stopped by the Jordanian duty-free shop in panic when he remembered he didn’t get Barack anything:

Drom some guy named Pinny, who is giving away all of our kiddush cups:

And from the Israeli Ministry of Irony:

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  • Gift to President and Mrs Obama on the occassion of the #stateDinner for Hu Jintao, from Larry covering the White House affair for Jewlicious, Jan 19, 2011, a dozen danishes, mixed assortment, including prune lekvar

  • What i especially enjoy about the list are:

    The gift from Abbas..the picture of the TREE?? It is of a JNF tree he planted, I think.

    Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation. get Obama a wooden CD holder. Sounds like he got it at IKEA or on Ebay. Pretty embarrassing

    Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal
    Republic of Germany. got a MontBlanc briefcase. Value is $760 (The could get it on Orchard St on the Lower East Side at Altman’s for half that price) (Montblanc originated in Hamburg Germany but took the name of the highest peak in the Swiss Alps, due to the white tip, and pinnacle etc)

    The Honorable Agnaldo Timo´ teo Pereira, Councilman for Sao
    Paulo Municipality, Federative Republic of Brazil. Gift of 4 CDs. I wish the told us the titles. I mean.. are the Justin Bieber CDs? Or a Brazilian boy band?

    His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, King of the
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 6 weapons. Nice. isnt that a scene in The Godfather, where the guy caries a weapon in to see the boss… his eyeglass frames

    His Excellency Silvio Berlusconi, President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic. a dozen silk Italian tie. some jackets also. not a bad gift

    wow… best gifts are from Saudi Arabia… lots of pearls.

    Leader of japan.. 5 cocktail forks. five? couldnt you make it six?

    Why did Binyamin Elon, Minister of Tourism
    of Israel, give Sec CLinton a sculpture called THE SPIES. sounds inappropriate (yes, I know why)

    Queen Elizabeth II… a picture of herself… GIVE ME A BREAK!

    • got a MontBlanc briefcase. Value is $760 (The could get it on Orchard St on the Lower East Side at Altman’s for half that price)

      At least it’s a renowned German brand, and she probably had to pay retail. Germany’s got quality gift wrap, too, for official gifts, so Michelle O. could re-use it.

    • Bouteflika brought dates. An Algerian student once told me that dates are fed to camels in Algeria and offering people dates was an insult.