CNN’s Anderson Cooper got randomly punched in the head ten times as pro Mubarak supporters descended upon Cairo to add a little, uhm… color and excitement to the protests that have wreaked havoc upon the city. Talk about The Situation! I bet if he would have brought Snooki along, no one would have messed with him. Probably for fear of contracting some kind of nasty venereal disease.

All kidding aside, I do hope the situation gets resolved peacefully and soon. I’d like to see an end to the violence and I would urge the protesters on both sides to refrain from causing any damage to the pyramids. Because me and my people are NOT going back to rebuild them, ok? Just so we’re clear on that.

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Cairo Turns Into the Jersey Shore
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Thank you Mr. Colbert. Thank you Momo.

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  • Wait a second… isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood the same as saying Bnai Brith, except for Muslims? Or the same as Hadassah?

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Society of Muslim Brothers, was founded in Egypt in 1928 as Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn.

    The Bnai Brith was founded in NYC about 80 years earlier as the Jewish fraternal Independent Order of B’nai B’rith

    The Muslim Brotherhood was founded a Sufi schoolteacher, Hassan al Banna. Bnai Brith was founded by Henry Jones, or Heinrich Jonas.

    The Bnai Brith, with lodges across American and internationally, solicited at times for changes in legislation or government policies. The Muslim Brotherhood lobbied for changes in their national governments as well.

    Oh. wait. one difference. The MB was accused of assassinations as means to their ends. Oops

    • Adam, the part about dividing Jews, Israelites and Hebrews in that link is complete horse-doo-doo. So is the stupid remark about the document he uses as evidence being in Aramaic not in Hebrew. Aramaic was an important language in the region at the time and many scholars contend it was in greater use by the early Jews than Hebrew itself.

      As to whether the Israelites built the pyramids or not, the problem with finding the answer to this question is that the archaeologists who have been digging for decades at the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian sites are people who have been living in a dictatorial state involved in a significant war against Israel. They’ve had every incentive to minimize and eliminate any historical Jewish connection to Egypt – just as the Palestinians write false history negating any Jewish connection to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount – and it’s hard for us to know whether the information that has come out of these Egyptian digs is accurate.

      • It was an honour to build the pyramids, which was done by civil servants and volunteers. Even the pharaohs in whose honour the pyramids were erected do not coincide with the ones in the biblical narrative. The excavations in Egypt to a large extent were done during times of European occupation.

        As a former professor of biblical exgesis of mine put it, “The Exodus is supposed to have taken place in times when Egypt was struggling economically. In all likelihood, they cared as much about the Israelites leaving as Americans would today if 1,000 illegal Mexicans returned to Mexico.”

        The Israelite connetion to Egypt becomes more apparent in early theologies than in any documents of much later date or urban legends of recent days.

  • Is the brutal winter weather a providential sign that Mexicans should leave the US?