Soon I will be boarding a plane to attend TribeFest in Las Vegas. There, along with Tess, Kelsey and Erin as well as a crew from Jewcy and the Jewish Federations of North America, I will be live-blogging and tweeting about the experience. Oh and I’ll also be speaking at a session titled “Reconnecting Young Adult Jewish Americans to Israel.” I’m pretty sure they meant “North Americans,” but us Canadians are not known for quibbling over minor points. Rabbi Yonah and Rachel will be presenting The Art of L’Chaim and Yonah will be speaking on the topic of “Combating the Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy.”

Now many of you already know what this is all about. However, many more of you are asking “What is JayEffenAy? Why are you going to yet another apparently Jewy Festival so soon after Jewlicious?” Whatever. Chill out, relax and enjoy. I have to hop on that plane (and pack actually). More posts will follow. Heh…

Dateline Las Vegas – 12:28 pm: Rabbi Yonah and I just picked up Tess from the Las Vegas airport. We got super lucky and got a room and now we’re just waiting for the crew from Heeb. They’re late. I was hoping to insert a photo of all of us together but the giant imitation Pyramid outside my room will have to do. I wonder if they’re planning on an imitation Tahrir Square here any time soon? The lobby of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is wall-to-wall Jews. My head may verily explode from all the Festive Jewyness I’ve been exposed to already! We met Esther Kustanowitz at the airport. She took a picture of us. Later at the Hotel we were identified by two random strangers in the elevator who had already seen our photo on Facebook. Yikes!

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