Six months after freezing the rubber-stamping of mountaintop removal mining permits, the Obama administration is considering reinstating fast approval for these devastating projects. The issue is up for public review until April 18th, and public input is needed to prevent the Army Corp of Engineers from reinstating these permits to coal pharaohs.

Earlier this year the Obama Administration revoked the permit that would have permitted one of the largest mountaintop removal projects in West Virginia history. The coal industry cried foul and environmentalists cheered. What is all the fuss about?

According to the EPA:

Mountaintop removal is a form of surface coal mining in which explosives are used to access coal seams, generating large volumes of waste that bury adjacent streams. The resulting waste that then fills valleys and streams can significantly compromise water quality, often causing permanent damage to ecosystems and rendering streams unfit for swimming, fishing and drinking. It is estimated that almost 2,000 miles of Appalachian headwater streams have been buried by mountaintop coal mining.

The fact that this mining method will always result in violations of the the Clean Water Act, and other environmental regulations, has not stopped the coal industry from applying for permits to permit them tear off the tops of mountains, fill scenic valleys and streams, and destroy what is left of small rural towns in Appalachia.

The NY Times recently covered mountaintop removal and the devastation to the environment and human lives that it causes.

While we are cleaning for Pesach, take a moment to let the Obama administration know that Americans will not support the pharaohs of coal from continuing to destroy Appalachia.

Make your voice is heard before the end of the public review on April 18th.

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