(I couldn’t really think of a title, so I’ll resume the Latin lessons for Muffti.)

Speaking of songs, Rotfront are releasing their new album “VisaFree” on 20th May and start their “From Berlinstan to Babylon”-tour next week (they’re going to be at Glastonbury as well – fancy that).
You may again expect some of the dance-worthiest in world music. To translate part of the album description on Amazon, “‘VisaFree’ is as sweat-breaking and emotional as good sex, as strong and crystal clear as brandy from Bulgaria, as colourful and refreshing as Berlin. Rotfront stage the soundtrack of a globalisation party that isn’t only being celebrated in the German capital”.

The album includes the by now-infamous “Gay, Gypsy & Jew”:

To join Rotfront in the celebrations, experience them live in one of the following locations (hope you don’t mind I’ve used copy&paste and kept the German date format):

22.04.11 D- Hamburg/ Übel & Gefährlich
23.04.11 AT- Wien/ Wuk
24.04.11 D- München/ Ampere
25.04.11 D- Erlangen/ E-Werk
26.04.11 D-Leipzig/ Absturz
27.04.11 D-Aschaffenburg/ Colos-Saal
28.04.11 D-Oldenburg /Kulturetage
29.04.11 CH- Bern/ Dachstock
30.04.11 CH-Zürich/ Moods
01.05.11 D- Wiesbaden/ Schlachthof
14.05.11 D-Bamberg/ Morph Club
19.05.11 D-Kaffee/Burger
20.05.11 D- Heidelberg/ Karlstorbahnhof
22.05.11 D-Cologne/ Gloria
25.05.11 D-Jena/ Stadtfest
27.05.11 HUN-Budapest / Gödör
28.05.11 UA- Lviv/ Stare Misto Festival
10.06.11 D-Waiblingen/ Schwanen
11.06.11 D-Eichstätt/ Reuth am Wald/ Open Air am Berg
18.06.11 PL-Oswiecim/ Life Festival
24.06.11 D-Dornstadt/ Woodstock
25.06.11 D- Düsseldorf/ Kultursommer Zakk
26.06.11 UK-Glastonbury Festival
29.06.11 HUN-Sopron/ Volt Festival
30.06.11 D-Konstanz/ Kulturladen
01.07.11 D-Trier / Grüne Rakete
02.07.11 L-Luxembourg/ Me You Zik Festival
16.07.11 D- Dresden/ Saloppe Sommer Open Air
22.07.11 D- Bielefeld/Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock/ Serengeti Festival
23.07.11 D- Koblenz/ Horizonte Festival
11.08.11 HUN-Budapest/ Sziget Festival
13.08.11 D- Görlitz/ Scheunenevent
20.08.11 D-Stemwede/ Festival
26.08.11 D- Waltrop/ Parkfestival
26.08.11 D- Hannover/ Zytanien Festival
27.08.11 D- Villingen/ Innenhoffestival

If that doesn’t put you off, you might even get to meet me at the one or the other event. (If that does put you off, forget I mentioned it.)

Update: The Vienna (23rd April) show is being postponed to another date. Check the band’s site or like them on FB to keep updated.

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  • Great video. When are these guys coming to Jerusalem already??!! Loved that Na na nachman bit at the end. Brilliant. Probably the best Jewy band out there right now. Thanks froylein! And I have no idea what that latin title is. Way to mess up our SEO….

    • “Let’s enjoy ourselves as long as we’re young (people)”

      It’s the title of an old student song that elaborates on the joys of off-campus live. Don’t worry about SEO. The post is attractive on its own.

      It might be worth pointing out that Rotfront as well as Matisyahu will be playing at the Life Festival in Oswiecim (German: Auschwitz). I think I’ll do some editing and link to the festival sites if they’re up already…