Happy Passover and Happy Easter to our readers. Sadly, it is anything but a peaceful Holyday, even with the Pope’s message and all.

Reports are still unclear surrounding the death of a Jewish pilgrim, Ben Yosef Livnat, on the way to pray at Joseph’s Tomb on Passover. The man, a nephew of Culture Minister Limor Livnat, was with a group of other Breslov Hassidim on their way to pray in Nablus. The murder and shooting have already triggered an avalanche of accusations and riots, but scant mention on CNN or Fox News.

Syrian forces are murdering unarmed protestors, again, without signs of that the US and Europe will intervene. In Morocco, the streets are full of anti-Government protests too. Libyan forces continue to bomb Mistrata making the coalition look pretty ineffective, whatever one thinks of the international intervention. Thousands are joyous at the US deal to get Yemen’s President an early retirement, after decades in power.

Thousands of Christians worshipped in peace in Jerusalem to celebrate Easter. And no one killed them.

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  • I see in the news that the conflict in Syria and Ligya is escalating and that the coalition forces are considering sending in Ground Troops?

    Should the USA, UK or ANY other nation be putting their troops on Foreign Soil? This was sold under the guise of an Air Campaign, now we’re going to go to way with yet another country.

    Isn’t it funny how we’re all friends when we want the OIL.