Live At Stubb’s put Matisyahu on the map, creating a nation-wide following. In 2010 Matisyahu returned to Stubb’s, the place where his musical footprint was first established, and recorded a new live album.

In the time since the first Stubb’s album, Matisyahu has sprouted his wings and built a musical ecosystem way beyond anything that we could have imagined.

I have the privilege to be closely following Matisyahu, going to his shows, and experiencing his musical growth and journey. Even with front-row seat, I could have predicted how amazing this album would be. It’s not a greatest hits album, it’s not a nostalgia or revival album, its a shot across the bow of cookie-cutter corporate sameness and predictable genre-locked tonality. It’s a revolutionary album. Dub Trio and Matisyahu are brilliant, aerobic, agile, free flowing across the sky of sound and expressions. Live At Stubb’s 2 is the most compelling album of his career.

But you cannot listen to it once on little headphones or a laptop speaker system. To full appreciate Stubb’s 2 you need massive sound, three or more listenings, an an open mind. If you can line that up, your musical world will be totally grateful.

Gone are the soft reggae lines, the linear, the expected. Matisyahu’s sound is more intense, holistic, and full of unexpected twists, turns, and flips. Just try to catch your breath.

Matisyahu will be doing a massive tour this summer, starting next month in Alabama at Hang Out Festival. In addition to downloading Stubbs 2, hopefully you will have a chance to catch this incredible performer soon.

PS- We wish Tahlia and Matisyahu a hearty Mazal Tov on the birth of a baby boy!

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