The world’s most wanted evildoer, Osama Bin Laden, a villain of super-human proportions, has been killed on Yom Hashoah. He was killed in an exchange of gunfire with brave US Navy Seals in a compound in Pakistan. The timing is impecable. Evildoers will face judgement for their crimes. According to Jewish tradition and prayers: those who perpetrate evil will face justice. There is no reprieve for evildoers.

I pray for the victims of this evil man. My thoughts are with those whose lives were ripped apart by his terror. I hope that this marks the beginning of the end of his murderous group.

Nasrallah — you’re next.

I could not resist.

Here is the Osama Bin Laden himself taking credit for 9/11:

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  • A great day for our armed forces, and the Navy SEALs in particular.

    Sadly, however, today came the devastating news that the intel used to nail OBL was obtained, in significant part, from enhanced interrogation techniques at secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania. Fortunately, Pres. Obama has closed these prisons, which obviously served no useful purpose whatsoever, apart from needlessly alienating left-wing opinion in Europe.

  • A festering scab on the integrity of America.

    Granddaddy established the vast family fortune by laundering NAZI WW2 booty. Daddy was in the darkest corners of CIA during Vietnam, BOP, MK and Kennedy to name a few. Daddy blatantly perverted American justice and law by stealing the election from Gore. Junior blatantly lied to the world about WMD in order to STEAL funding from the trusting American people and to gain international support. Junior murdered 10s of thousands of innocent women and children with no justification. Junior committed genocide by ordering the use of depleted uranium. Junior entertained Rothschild overnight in the Whitehouse around the time of 911. These are some of the absolute worst crimes against humanity in world history. Combine these crimes with the worldwide military and economic crimes that are the aftermath of 911 and you have the most hideously evil criminals in our history. Find out if the Rothschilds operate at the behest of their clients or autonomously, take the resultant name and put it next to the name Bush and you have the two key parties responsible for 911 and the aftermath.

    The proof is readily available for anyone caring to discover it. Before the next murderous instalment on our brothers and sisters through the war on terror we need to cut away this cancer from society once and for all. We need to remember that the strongest force on earth is the numbers of population. These evil people cannot go unpunished unless you allow it. Before we decide on the appropriate action we should hold one image in our mind. The image of innocent people, average decent folk, patriotic people, church going people ALL BEING FORCED TO JUMP TO THEIR DEATH FROM A HIGH RISE BUILDING IN ORDER TO AVOID BEING BURNED ALIVE.

  • The images we’ll keep in mind are those of Saddam pulled out of his rat hole and the double tap to OBL’s temple. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Burning Bush retracts his baseless assertion that bin Laden was killed– yup, those evil Rothschilds at work yet again….