Bekay’s Holocaust tribute video “Remember” is out!

“Remember” was meant to be different from day one. The vision was clear, the two artists Bekay and DJ Dbefekt joined forces with the Deer Studio Records team to create something extraordinary. Staying close to the roots of the culture that made them who they are, Bekay and DB delivered a piece on the holocaust using hip-hop as the medium. Attempting to touch a wide audience, the YouTube link, (which you can click here to view) is equipped with an interactive transcript that translates the lyrics into French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Let us know what ya think!

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  • Will you “people” ever stop talking about your Holohoax?! People are sick of hearing about it. Your not the only people who suffered in this twisted, fucked up world. Let’s talk about the 30 million innocent Russians who got killed by the hands of evil Zionists like Trotsky and Stalin. How about the white genocide in South Africa. Or the slaughtering of thousands of INNOCENT Palestinian women and children. Why can’t you talk about them?

    • How about you shut the fuck up, pick up a pencil get some paper, and write YOUR OWN songs about the genocides YOU want to talk about, you fucking moron. or does your nazi ass not possess enough skill to even accomplish that? suck a dick my friend…

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