The New York Post reports that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is having problems raising funds from certain Jews. Why? Well, it seems that the Jews in question are sending their donations to competing candidate Michele Bachmann instead because they think she’s Jewish.

Some Jewish donors are telling fund-raisers for Romney, a Mormon, that while they like him, they’d rather open their wallets for the “Jewish candidate,” who they don’t realize is actually a Lutheran, The Post has learned… “It’s a real problem,” one Romney fund-raiser said. “We’re working very hard in the Jewish community because of Obama’s Israel problem. This was surprising.”

Bachmann has spent time on a kibbutz, volunteering in Israel in 1974. She also claims “I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian.” But Bachmann is definitely not Jewish. Just watch and listen as she famously mangles the Yiddish word “Chutzpah” in the video below:

And if that wasn’t enough to convince even the thickest of Republican Jews that Bachmann isn’t Jewish, the photo on the right of her enjoying a big ol’ corn dog, clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that Bachmann cannot possibly be a Jewish woman… Because corn dogs are notoriously unkosher… and no good Jewish woman would eat such chazerei in public and with such gusto, no less… What? They’re not kosher!?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Don’t mean to be rude, but how the eff did anyone think she was Jewish. She talks about Jesus at least once in every “speech” she’s ever spoken…

  • I don’t believe that any1 is dumb enough to think this woman is Jewish. I think the Romney spokesman made the whole thing up. Maybe HE thinks she is Jewish.

  • Why would Rmoney’s camp insinuate that she is Jewish or that Jews support her? Is that a way to secretly collect support from non Jew lovers? Hmmmm

  • No American Jew would think she’s Jewish. It has to be coming from the Romney camp. She is, however, a great supporter of Israel, and while it’s far to early to take sides in the Republican primary race, I’d be proud to support her if she becomes their nominee.

  • She’s prettier than Perry and almost as pretty as Romney. I’d vote for her just because of the Kibbutz stint.

  • “She is, however, a great supporter of Israel, and while it’s far to early to take sides in the Republican primary race, I’d be proud to support her if she becomes their nominee.”

    Yes vote for this sociopathic idiot only because she is a strong supporter of Israel.
    Don’t we get it yet? The far right does not support Israel. They support the far right in Israel. Throw all of your values out the door because the right wing in the us, full of anti Semites, will gladly use your single issue mania to forward their regressive agenda.

  • Yeah, and instead we should vote (again) for the guy who tells the Jews they need to look deep inside themselves in order to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, who forces Israel to stop construction in Jerusalem as if it’s a settlement and then can’t bring the Palestinians to the table, who gives up Israel’s leverage in the negotiations he can’t secure for Israel by declaring what the map should look like and that it must be in place before negotiations start, and who has his former Secretary of Defense do a character assassination of Israel’s PM two weeks before the Palestinians go up to the UN to violate Oslo and 242/338 plus all previous American efforts at diplomacy regarding this conflict. Yeah baby, let’s vote for that guy again! If we’re lucky, there won’t be an Israel to worry about by the time he’s done.

  • Let’s see…

    “The budget proposes $3.075 billion in US military aid for Israel, $75 million more than in fiscal year 2011. The aid proposal is based on the US-Israeli understandings signed on August 16, 2007. US military aid is set to increase by a further $25 million to $3.1 billion in fiscal year 2013, and remain at that level through 2018, assuming that the US foreign aid program remains as is. Israel is also due to receive $20 million in aid for integrating refugees. ”

    “We’ve [the Obama administration] made our position known as relates to the Security Council, that we would veto actions through the Security Council — and oppose action through the Security Council associated with a unilateral declaration of statehood.”


    “On February 18, 2011, the United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning all Israeli settlements established since 1967 as illegal and calling for an immediate halt to all settlement building. The 14 other Security Council members voted in favor of the resolution.”

    Yep. This administration is really out to kill Israel, with their failing to tamper with US-Israeli aid, joint technology projects and their unswerving promise to veto anything that hits the UN in Israel’s disfavour.

    • So Obama kept the same level of support as has existed before and which he assumes that a pro-Israel congress will keep anyway. That’s an easy one for him and costs him no political capital.

      Unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinians undermines international law, UN resolutions and every agreement brokered and led by the USA particularly all aspects of Oslo, of Quartet decisions and of US-led initiatives. Why would they go along with it?

      The settlement resolution veto was also in line with US interpretation of laws related to the settlements. Every administration save for the Carter administration have considered the settlements to be a point of dispute and something that will need to be resolved between the two parties.

      On the other hand, if you would read Jewlicious every once in a while, you would learn that Obama humiliated Netanyahu beginning with their first and second meetings at the White House even as he was treating Arab leaders quite respectfully. Consider that Obama has visited Cairo but not Israel. This administration is currently trying to game their Jerusalem policy at the Supreme Court where they stand in opposition to a claim by an American who was born in Jerusalem to have his place of birth defined as Jerusalem, Israel. When the NY Times noted that in numerous photographs of American leaders visiting Jerusalem, it was captioned as Jerusalem, Israel, it took all of two hours for the WH (this is after decades of this policy) to change the captions. Obama pressed Israel to stop all construction in the settlements and included Jerusalem in this equation despite the announced intentions of the Palestinians to avoid negotiations. That is to say, he put the onus on Israel even though Israel is the party which offered the Palestinians virtually everything they wanted in 2008. He then went on to declare that Israel should give up its leverage in negotiations by declaring what a final map should look like before negotiations resume. He never demanded from the Palestinians, however, that they should recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This is after he has refused to accept, in what must be one of the most grievous errors of this administration’s foreign policy, Bush Jr. letter to Sharon which accepts that certain facts on the ground will not be changed regarding settlements – a letter which was earned in large part by Israel’s unilateral and costly departure from Gaza.

      Obama has done the absolute minimum possible for Israel, and it was only when he saw that Jewish Democrats – who represent a large and important component of the Democractic voting and donor base – were losing confidence in his Israel policies, that he made sure to throw a few bones their way that weren’t too costly but could provide ammo for those who wanted to neutralize the perception of his belligerence towards Israel. However, make no mistake, it is because of his foolish and aggressively hostile position on Israel and mollycoddling of the Palestinians that the PLO is now asking for a state at the UN. He has facilitated this disaster.

  • So…let Muffti get this straight. Billions of dollars and arms, vetos at the UN are just trivial, cost free political gestures – but not being respectful enough of Netanyahu, not visiting Israel (despite the whole rest of his administration being there frequently), captioning in the NY times and some guys birth certificate, and failing to press on the Palestinians to accept Israel while pressing Israel for a short term moratorium on construction in the settlements, well, those are the BIG deals.

    Muffti is willing to grant that this administration has made some major missteps both in focus and policy. Maybe he even hates Israel. But the basic outlines of US policy to Israel and the actual financial and legal policies seem to Muffti identical. So why is the tone always so incredibly shrill and invoking of Israel’s pretend soon to be non-existence?

    • Muffti, you only seem to get part of it straight. 😉

      Consider what we’ve seen happen under Obama. Egypt is now in the hands of a military junta that uses Israel as a foil to strengthen its position. Egyptian leaders vying for its leadership focus on Israel as the problem to be solves, not their domestic issues. Every few days some Egyptian leader threatens the peace treaty for which Israel gave up every last centimeter of the Sinai including its oil fields and Taba. The Syrian PM is ruthlessly murdering his people with complete impunity after this administration spent more than a year trying to extol his virtues. The Jordanian king just told his people that Jordan knows how to fight and the Palestinian dictator has decided to go to the UN to undermine all agreements with Israel especially those brokered by the US.

      Now, out of this Administration, have you heard any serious criticism of any of these leaders? Has it forced the hands of any of these leaders? Sure, after Assad murdered more than a thousand Syrians, the Administration finally said something…but then did nothing about it. On the other hand, this Administration has criticized Israel on numerous occasions, forced it to stop construction not just in settlements but in Jerusalem, continues to suggest that it is Israel which must change tack in the conflict while not suggesting the same with respect to the Palestinians, which keeps demanding compromises on any peace agreement from Israel and which treats Israel’s government as a hostile one instead of a partner and ally.

      The issue regarding captioning the photos of Jerusalem is actually a big deal because this is a case at the Supreme Court and the Obama Administration is representing the side opposed to calling Jerusalem part of Israel. The photo caption change is done in an attempt to change the perception of the Supreme Court even if this means openly lying to the Court about previous Administrations’ positions regarding Jerusalem.

      Treating Netanyahu poorly and not visiting Israel are not minor slights. They are intentional. They are messages. Obama visited Mubarak’s dictatorship and sucked up to the same Arab leaders whose people are rebelling today but ignored and insulted the democratically elected leader of a democracy who is a significant American ally.

      And yes, the billions of dollars to help fund arms that are purchased in the US (Israel must spend 75% of funds received buying US products) are not “trivial” but they are political no-brainers. They allow him to assuage American arms manufacturers, Congressmen and Senators whose districts are affected by these purchases and he doesn’t alienate districts that vote Democratic because of a large Jewish population. Don’t forget he has important allies in Congress and the Senate whose constituencies are heavily Jewish. The UN veto – we have yet to see the second one – was also a no-brainer. That’s because it was American policy.

      On the other hand, the USA has agreed to join and even now remains part of the UN Human Rights Commission, which is an incredibly anti-Israel body within the UN. In fact, it’s a joke. This is the body whose former embodiment had Libya as its leader and whose current embodiment was going to elect Syria as a member until there was just too much blood running in their streets to allow for such a joke to take place. The US sits in that forum as a full member, thereby legitimizing its excessive and hateful focus on Israel. Even getting the US to back out of Durban III has been a challenge because of this Administration.

      US policy towards Israel is not the fruit of one Administration or Congress. It has evolved over decades. While you are right that the outlines of what has existed in the past remain valid today, and in fact you can add that the US has added a couple of hundred million dollars to enable Israel to build Iron Dome and continue development of the Arrow, Obama can’t just walk in there and change everything. He has changed what he can, however, and in doing so has encouraged Israel’s enemies. As I wrote above, it isn’t an accident that the Palestinians are moving ahead now with their statehood declaration. This could not have happened had Obama not provided them with an environment where everybody understands that whatever is being given to Israel by this Administration is done begrudgingly and with great reluctance. It could not have been done were it not clear that Obama feels sympathetic to the Palestinians and patronizingly angry towards Israel AND its American supporters.

    • Here:

      Just a sampling of why Obama has to veto. If he doesn’t, he mocks international law and agreements with America’s signature on them. And don’t kid yourself, the key reason the Europeans are signing on to this fiction is their knowledge that the US will veto it. They face no consequences for doing the dirty deed, can maintain their relations with the large Arab and Muslim bloc countries while relying on the US to do the right thing and launder their unclean votes into a clean failure of the UNSC.

  • Hi Mufft,

    You said it yourself. You seem to get it. It’s because it’s readable that he hates Israel. Wouldn’t that put you on edge if you were an Israeli? Xoxxo

  • Muffti doesn’t really think that Obama hates Israel – that was in there in jest 🙂

    He’s not really sure, either, that we are arguing at this point (he definitely agrees that the administration’s handling of Syria, in particular, was shameful, and he agrees that hte UN human rights council is a joke). What Muffti objects to is the general shrill tone and existential angst over a relationship that is undisturbed in its fundamentals.

  • But it is a deeply disturbed relationship. This Administration led us to this juncture with the Palestinians. It could not have happened if they had felt that Obama wasn’t on their side. As one example, consider that the Palestinians had never demanded previously that all construction in settlements stop in order for negotiations to proceed. Were it not for Obama pushing this angle, they could have avoided the entire ugly scene. However, because he forced Israel into a corner, it would have seemed absurd for Abbas to demand any less. With that, he not only gave the Palestinians a good couple of years to avoid any talks (remember, they are always playing for time), he actually gave them a supposed moral reason to avoid talks. Furthermore, he did it on the back of an announcement of further construction in Ramat Shlomo in Jerusalem. Have you ever been to Ramat Shlomo? I have. Not a single Arab or secular or even MO Jew in site. Completely black hat Ultra-Orthodox and a neighborhood that not only will remain in Israel but was already given up by the Palestinians even in the heavily edited Palestine Papers leaks. In other words, Obama fomented an unnecessary crisis over a part of Jerusalem that wasn’t even contentious and opened a door to the Palestinian refusal to negotiate that we’ve seen since. Oh, and then to bring them back to the table, he recently announced that Israel needed to provide a map and thereby give up its leverage in negotiations. No pressure on the Palestinians, you see, even though they were the reluctant party here. Come on Muffti, how do you not see the obvious?