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  • Froylein: Why is “I was somehow expecting Kelsey to do a cameo appearance” a tag?? That should be in the post, no? That way we can link to Heeb and send them some love, no? Also I saw the film. I didn’t expect Kelsey doing a cameo because what would Kelsey be doing in a UK film? New York Jews kinda look down on the UK and Europe in general, no? Just askin’

    • It’s in the tags cause I put it there. 🙂

      I was expecting Kelsey to do a Wilders-impersonation, but you’re right in that they [gross generalisation ahead] tend to turn their noses up when it comes to Europe. I think British accents confuse them, they tend to use German-infused grammar and mistake that for SAE, they often mess up proper English pronunciation, they think there’s nothing to do here because we don’t consider accidentally spray-painted pieces of scrap metal and timber fine art, and because we prefer to do our own cooking here. Kelsey is Europe-curious though as he’s expressed willingness to visit Berlin, where I’m going again in November. Berlin is as much Germany though as NYC is the USA.

    • Oh, and they call every noodle with a hole in it “maccheroni” and they feed their kids stuff out of cardpaper boxes.

  • So what does this mean? Are we having a conference in Berlin in November? I am all for that, I just have to be home by Thanksgiving. I flew back one Thanksgiving Day from Amsterdam a couple of years ago, and I was never as ready for a good turkey dinner as that year, I’ll tell you that!

    • I can sympathise. I once sat next to a Dutch couple on a flight from Frankfurt to NYC. They were wasted even before the plane had reached the Hebrides. Flying Dutchmen are one of a kind.

      NYC in October and / or Berlin in November. Your call.