Mayim Bialik, in an amusing series of blogposts on Kveller, chronicles her search for a modest, yet sexy, outfit for attending the Emmy awards.

Operation Subdued Sexy (aka Operation Hot and Holy) is underway and in effect. The search to find a dress to wear to this year’s Emmy awards on September 18 that satisfies the standards of tznius (modesty) is in theory going fine. In practical application, it’s not going so fine.

Mayim tried on tons of dresses, discusses whether God will mind if her left arm is showing, loves her stylist, has her sons offering commentary on the various outfits.

If I can’t cover all the way to the elbow this year, God help me I will do it next year. And while we’re on the topic of God, I don’t think God will strike me down for not covering my left arm up.

After the Ems she writes:

I achieved a look I was comfortable in, proud of, and compliant with Operation Subdued Sexy aka Operation Hot and Holy. My persistence in looking for a tznius (modest) dress that covered my elbows and beyond and my resistance to backing down paid off. I got a LOT of questions on the red carpet about it: why so long, why so covered up… but also some very sincere compliments from interviewers who seemed genuinely refreshed to see something “different!”

Hat tip to Shawn Landres

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  • Jewlicious is right, Mayim Bialik is so beautiful. I would have liked her to have the
    Amy Farrah Fowler glasses on though. She is a brainy goddess and she continues to impress me more each time I see her.
    All the worlds hottest ladies are Jewish -Natalie Portman, Sarah Silverman, Mayim Bialik etc etc and i suspect Anna Kendrick is too. I rest my case.
    Her taste in clothes is great too-we love you Mayim. Nice Dress