Last Saturday over 1000 Israelis posed naked for American art photographer Spencer Tunick. After 75 similar shoots around the world, this was Tunick’s first in the Middle East and was meant to call attention to the Dead Sea. Tunick, who is Jewish and has family in Israel stated:

“This is not just to make art, this is to celebrate that this is happening in Israel,” Tunick, 44, told the crowd before we undressed, adding that he had made more than 20 trips to Israel and has family in Netanya and Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev. This installation could not happen [anywhere] else in the Middle East, he said.

Below are some choice photos from the event:

Man, I haven’t seen so many naked Jews since… uh… never mind.

Shut up! You know you were thinking the same thing!

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  • First off you are sick minded. And secondly they were extras and none were Jewish.

  • They have had a facebook page for the past two years asking Tunick to visit Israel and do a shoot, and have ben recruiting FB friends to attend when he actually schedules the shoot. It is nice to see the finally did it. I am sure the Jewish Federations will use the pics on their fundraising brochures. Did any of the Birthright tours participate?

  • You had to pre-register and pay 150NIS for the ‘priviledge’ to meet at secret locations in the middle of Shabbat night to get there.

  • I need to take a good dip in the sea – and clean all that slime of my rotten crotch!!! It’s a shame I can’t spell or get a job!