I must admit, I was skeptical that the rag-tag protests that started in NYC would spread as fast as they have. But as we saw with 1968, and now in 2011, protests in one country can easily spill over to other countries. Now protests in one city, have spread around the country.

Led by idealistic young people intent on changing the status quo we are on the cusp of nationwide upheaval. Lack of jobs, corporate greed and government corruption are at the top of the lists of complaints.

As the protests in intensify, I have compiled these 20 tweetable lessons from my years in non-violent protests and movements. Please feel free to tweet and Facebook these.

1) The police are not an enemy, treat them like friends, they are just doing their job #occupywallstreet

2) Non-violence means non-violence. Never use violence, even when treated with violence. No broken windows! #occupywallstreet

3) NEVER resist arrest. Just go limp. #occupywallstreet

4) Plane arrests to happen on your terms. #occupywallstreet

5) Singing is always heard louder than shouting #occupywallstreet

6) Treat each other with love and respect, even when you have disagreements on tactics #occupywallstreet

7) Change takes time and patience, one march cannot change the world, but 1,000 will. #occupywallstreet

8) Appoint spokespeople for media, and don’t claim to speak for everyone unless you do. #occupywallstreet

9) VERY important – you need marked peacekeepers to intervene btw cops and protestors #occupywallstreet

10) Handout rules of non-violence to everyone, tweet them, text them, live them #occupywallstreet

11) Don’t dehumanize your opponents, teach them #occupywallstreet

12) Don’t demonize the media, get them on your side. #occupywallstreet

13) Keep your eye on the prize, don’t be distracted by counter-protestors #occupywallstreet

14) Never give over to hate and anger, love looks better on TV #occupywallstreet

15) Be considerate of everyones personal space, including guys in suits. #occupywallstreet

16) Signs work. Signs that can be read from far away work really well. #occupywallstreet

17) Don’t make it “us against them.” We all need to find a way in this world together. #occupywallstreet

18) Encourage clergy to join you by being peaceful. People will notice. (think MLK) #occupywallstreet

19) Act righteously if your cause is righteous #occupywallstreet

20) 450,000 Israelis marched peacefully. Learn from them. #occupywallstreet

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Rabbi Yonah


  • It seems that these protests are following the same direction of the leftist organized ones in Israel that tried to ignore democracy by demanding the downfall of the majority government.

  • I only have 1 to add and I think it is the most important. STAY OFF THE DAMN SIDEWALKS!!!