Well not quite yet. First we have to fast. That’s what we do on Yom Kippur. And the Day of Atonement is more of a spiritual experience. There’s no evil Pharaoh, no Haman, no Greek Seleucid Empire, no commemoration of evil antagonists trying to kill us. Rather we spend the time contemplating the past year and our actions in that time, and maybe asking for forgiveness when appropriate.

But when it’s over, then we eat. But first, let me share a few requisite holiday themed videos that haven’t yet made the rounds – the story of Jonah brought to you by Bible Raps:

Or how about Kol Nidre by Moishe Oysher from a Yiddish film circa 1939:


Introducing Get Miata featuring Rabbi Leibish from Montreal’s Ghetto Shul giving a dvar Torah. From a Miata. Is this the first of a series? Here’s hoping it is:

Finally, if you’re looking for break fast options, though it’s not kosher, tony restaurant Park Avenue Autumn on the Upper East Side might be a fun option because they serve a dish dubbed “Spoils,” which is a meal consisting of venison topped with date syrup, on “glitzy, gold-painted plates looted from the palaces” of former Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein.

What? Most of the food served at break fasts in New York isn’t kosher either! That Beluga Caviar from Russ and Daughter? Not kosher. Any food prepared on the Sabbath, let alone on Yom Kippur (!!) isn’t kosher either. I’m just amused at the idea of eating on Saddam Hussein’s plates ok? Forgive me my little pecadilloes, it’s the seasonal thing to do.

Do have a meaningful Yom Kippur, darlings.

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