Yesterday, apologies were issued after reports that Bernie Sanders was going to suspend his 2020 Presidential campaign proved to be untrue. Sanders was, at one point, the front runner in the race for the Democratic nomination, but after last Tuesday’s crushing defeats in the primaries, and national polls showing Sen. Joe Biden ahead of Sanders by 28 points, it seemed like Sanders had no realistic possibility of securing the nomination and that he had effectively lost. It would have been an ideal time to end the damaging divisiveness of the primaries, and unite with Biden in order to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump to a second term as President.

Lets not forget that continuing the campaign puts voters and election volunteers at risk from Coronavirus infection, and now would be a good time to put pressure on the White House to more effectively deal with the pandemic response, or lack thereof. Sanders really should end his campaign now and unite with Biden. In exchange, he may be able to extract concessions and have at least some of his policy goals become part of the official Democratic platform.

In any case, there’s too much at stake and no benefit to continuing with Primaries. I mean, how long can Ginsburg hold out? How long can America hold out? It’s time for “America’s Zayde” to go.

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