Jessica is joined by Viktoria as we try out the doughnuts made by the Ne’eman Bakery of Jerusalem. It’s hard to get objective reviews from these ladies because they really love doughnuts. I guess it’s just a hoot watching them eat I suppose. This is how we celebrate Hanukkah in Israel. Over the holiday period Israel will consume 24 million doughnuts. Jessica and Viktoria alone will consume at least 1 million! So yeah…

How’s your Hanukkah been?

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  • Sooo, Iv been to Roladin 3 times so far and I thought I went to heaven (Halvah is the best). I took my friend last night and she claims that Ne’eman was better. Very hilarious video, very entertaining..but it didnt really answer my question on which one is better:( I guess I will just have to try Ne’eman myself! David, feel free to use me as a taste tester on any holiday food (any food in general) in future blog posts.

  • greetings from tasmania…….google figbat oswald and see if you can work it out.

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