(Los Angeles, CA) The most popular Jewish group blog, Jewlicious.com, has blackened out its logo in solidarity with web giants Facebook and Google, in showing opposition to SOPA legislation now being discussed in Congress.

SOPA legislation could infringe on Jewlicious’s attempt to bring a hip, clever, and diverse look at the Jewish world. Jewlicious notes that while some Jewish members of the Senate and Congress are supporting SOPA, surveys of American Jews nationwide would likely show widespread opposition to SOPA.

In response to the debate about SOPA, Jewlicious Director of Media and International Projects, David Abitbol, commented, “We blackened the masthead of Jewlicious in solidarity with 40 of the largest Internet sites that oppose SOPA. We hope that sends a message to Congress.”

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, Jewlicious Executive Director remarked, “What would Moses do about SOPA? I think that Moses would be against this particular way of regulating the piracy of content on the Internet. Judaism strictly forbids theft, but it also has clear definitions of liability which could be circumvented by overly zealous authorities.”

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  • Thank you, Rabbi Yonah and Jewlicious, for taking a stand against government-sanctioned censorship, and the outrageous impending SOPA and PIPA legislation.
    Oh, and just so you know: if anyone’s interested they can sign the petition at Google’s home page (which is also blacked out)…

  • Finally a postive move by Jewlicious, standing tall against the Hollywood crowd.
    Its wonderful to see that the MSM coverup of Piracy off the Occupied Coast will be unmasked in light of the righteous among your contributors.