Rabbi Shaul Robinson, Rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan, has unleashed a powerful essay that is receiving a ton of attention. While some of the points he advocates might not please everyone, his main thesis is that all the leadership of the Orthodox world needs to stand up for what is right. He is giving rebuke and it hurts.

Let the greatest Rabbis in the Jewish world go to Bet Shemesh. Let each walk a little second grader to school. Let their rebbetzins hold a girl’s hand and say, “Come my dear, don’t be afraid, I will walk you to school.” Let them, our Gedolim, our Torah giants, look in the face of the Chasidim yelling “Nazi” at little girls and Jewish policemen and tell them to be silent.

Judaism is not monolithic. But in response to violence extremism we must be united and show that this is not accepted – whether it is the vandalism and burning of mosques or the terrorizing of women.

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  • As if there’s such a thing as “Gedolim” to begin with. They can’t protect kids in their own communities from geting diddeled by pedophiles, what’s a little spit in the face in comparison?