The Washington Post brings us news of fresh anti-Semitism in Europe as vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery this past Sunday with crude graffiti. The attack took place in the eastern Polish town of Wysokie Mazowieckie at a cemetery that was restored six years ago. Michael Traison, an American lawyer who raised funds to restore the cemetery noted that this was the first attack against it and that “The people of Wysokie Mazowieckie have supported their Jewish heritage … Those of us who are the guardians of the cemetery know that the vandalism is an isolated example which is the antithesis of what Poles and Poland are today.”

The vandals had sprayed tombstones and a memorial plaque with swastikas and crude drawings as well as the words “This is Poland not Israel!” The stupid perpetrators of course ignored the fact that as a result of the Holocaust, Poland’s once large Jewish community is now minuscule. Also, in all likelihood some of the Jews buried in the cemetery must have been proud Poles and Bundists who would recoil at the notion that their final resting place had anything to do with Israel. Some of these Jews might have even criticized fellow Jews and called them “Israel Firsters” had they evinced any support for the State of Israel that would have been seen as not in Poland’s interests. Some of those buried in this cemetery might also have been Hassidic Jews who would have believed that a Jewish State that wasn’t a Theocracy led by the Messiah was an abomination to be avoided at all costs.

But whatever. Anti-Semites are stupid. They can’t see the big picture. To them one dirty Jew is no different from another. Dead or alive, Zionist or Patriot, secular or religious – they’re all the same vermin.

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  • Cemetery desecration is a particularly horrible vandalism. When I lived in Poland I discovered this graffiti too often.


    It is not supported by most Poles. It represents the work of usually teenage hooligans.

  • Why doesn’t the Washington Post, or any other newspaper for that matter, run a story about the increasing anti-semitic acts of vandalism in England – Jewish cemeteries vandalised, people attacked on their way to the synagogue. These are not isolated acts. It happens all the time but nobody wants to know about anti-semitism in little old England do they?