April 15th is almost here. And, this year for many of us it marks the day of truth. Can we really go another 8 days without eating bread continuing the South Beach/Atkins diet Passover so nicely helps kick off?

For others, its a time to really go into our past year dissecting it for meaning. Or really – just find all the allowable tax write offs.

What I have come to recently realize is my family, friends and even select dates I’ve had in the last 12 months should really be sending me thank you notes this year.

Because knowing me is literally like its own form of tax deduction.

You might know people like me. We engage you. Excite you. And you want to hang out with us. Often it means you are helping support the purpose that give my own life cause. So you help the cycle continue.

I can’t help it. I am addicted to giving others the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. But, I realize it’s become almost an obsession. I can’t go on Facebook without promoting something. I go to dinner and friends bring checkbooks out of habit. I even started using JDate as a way to solicit people to come to events.

I find myself pondering: am I ashamed? Have I gone too far?

And I realize, as I watch how satisfied those around me are when they feel as I do when they contribute something and fare a part of it on their own: Absolutely not. And, Uncle Sam (Greenberg?) appreciates them too.

What would really be shameful is breaking my awesome carb-free discipline.  We have to stay true to the season.





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Rach_is_wright is a Detroiter that admits what she really means is she lives in the suburbs. At 32, she's does not think she's too old to wear glitter, enjoys a good blow out and is OK being an example of a Jewish female stereotype. Stereotypes can also try to help the world.

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  • So you’re that person that floods my facebook with event invites to this Young Professional Anal bleaching fundraiser and that Kosher Organic Farm Wine and Cheese orgy. Got it. And I’m not so much annoyed as I am amazed at the wealth of opportunities available for people to do something community minded. The question however is how much can people actually do. The barrage doe not reflect the fact that there are actually so many days in a week and so many hours in a day. Don’t many recipients simply tend to become immune to the otherwise well intentioned entreaties? Like so many invitations to join my Mafia Family or visit me in Farmville, don’t most of these efforts cause social good numbness?