The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir is considered one of the finest in the world. Adam Stotland, the guest soloist, does a great job and even went to the same high school that I went to (shout out to Hebrew Academy Montreal wooo!). Congregation Shaarei Zion, where this performance took place, hosted the Bar Mitzvahs of several of my friends. Oh and my sister Tanya sent me the video and if I don’t put it up she will say mean things about me to my nephews and niece and then they won’tplay with me when I come to visit them in Montreal. So please watch and enjoy this video and wonder at Tanya’s amazing pop culture skillz. And be kind to the old white Jewish folk in the audience who cannot keep a beat.

Hat tip to the awesome Tanya

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  • I heard that there were people pissed about this concert, saying goyishe music, especially the type that includes praise of Yoshke, has no place in a Jewish house of worship. A Montreal radio host even went on a rant about it, saying how it’s a continuation of the decline in Jewish identity in the city that has been brought on by its own leadership.

  • There was a particularly racist and homophobic episode of the Howie Silbiger Show that spent an hour lamenting that this concert even occurred. One caller seemed obsessed that the synagogue’s rabbi would let in “non-Jewish black people”. She also wondered if he would be “bringing his husband” to synagogue too. Perhaps we should attribute the “decline in Jewish identity” to the intolerance and insularity of this segment of the community.

  • I know Howie. I know he means well. But I just thought the song was good. I didn’t experience the entire show though. Praising Jesus is obviously not my bag and I don’t think that belongs in a synagogue, even if it is Conservative, but still. This track stands on its own as being wholly inoffensive and good fun.