The above video by Y-Love, titled Focus on the Flair, featuring Israeli singer Onili and produced by Shemspeed‘s boss man Diwon, was released hot on the heels of the bombshell announcement in the pages of Out magazine no less, that Orthodox rapper Y-Love is gay. And why did he decide to come out now?

At 34, Jordan hopes he’ll be able to finally date “in the light.” After a brief, failed marriage to a Jewish woman and dealing with the constant attention of matchmakers for years—and even a form of blackmail when one suitor’s brother “outed” him to rabbis—he wants to date men openly and build a future with a man… “My number one priority is to get back into dating. I’m ready to find a husband,” Jordan says. “I’ll be able to have a dating profile and use my real name. I’m ready to live without fear.”

Struggling with his sexual identity couldn’t have been easy:

Although Jordan discovered organizations for gay Orthodox Jews—like GLYDSA and the fledgling JQY—he continued to be conflicted, alternately embracing them as much-needed support groups and cursing them as heretics. He tried a form of reparative therapy for a time and lived a double-life that was not healthy for him until he says, it finally hit him: “It’s God’s will to be gay.”

We wish Yitz, a Jewlicious Festival alum, the best of luck in everything he does. You can read the full article here. Y-Love’s new single is available on iTunes, Amazon, and bancs direct.

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