Summer is a time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and connecting with the great outdoors.  Although at this moment you maybe basking the rays of your computer screen, as you gaze into the twilight of those pixels they transform into thoughts from your childhood summer camp days or wishing you had those memories to ponder.

Then it hits you, Jewlicious SummerFest 2012 is approaching, August 16th-19th in Brandeis, CA — just 40 minutes north of LA — and this epiphany will unleash those memories and become a reality once again. The difference is all activities are at your own leisure. And what you couldn’t do as a camper, well, you get the point…

Saddle up on Lightening, the ever-loving horse, to venture through the wild westside of camp.  Or perhaps you want to impress your friends with your psychedelic tie-dye skills, SWAT-like rappelling moves, crafting that perfect pickle, or just showing off your inner yogi with that downward dog of yours…

Jewlicious SummerFest 2012 will be the time of your life relived, hanging with new and old friends around the bonfire, schmoozing over delicious catered meals, the highest of high Shabbath banquets, out of this world speakers, romantic moonlight hikes, adrenaline pumping rock-climbing, dosi-doeing to some folk dancin’, drum circle Havdallah (so bring those instruments) and to top off the weekend with a b!tchin’ line-up for our Music Festival that will take place in the evenings and on Sunday…  International Reggae Superstar Pato Banton to headline with other artists to be announced… And much, much more!

The fun all starts on Thursday, but you can come on Friday too if you can’t make it a three-day weekend.

For those who would love to join us for this rockin’ good time, but are strapped for cash, click here to apply for a scholarship.

So all my party peoples, get ready to rock out — Click here for tickets.

Call or email Lauren or Rachel if you need any more information

Lauren – 310-277-5544 –
Rachel –

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