Today, October 21st, is Israeli Singer Ninet Tayeb’s 29th birthday. In 2003 she won the very first Kochav Nolad, Israel’s version of Pop Idol and since then has been involved in numerous musical and acting ventures. She’s a Moroccan Jew and I think that’s cool too. A few months ago I first saw the video below, and I waited all this time to put it up because I figure her birthday is a pretty good an excuse to do so. Here she performs with this puppet called Red Orbach, who is in this show called RedBand where he performs covers of English tracks with popular Israeli artists. It’s not Sesame Street and it is all kinds of weird but this track featuring Tayeb, well… it just works. I mean really, really works. So enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Ninet עד מאה ועשרים

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