Shemspeed’s 8th Annual Sephardic Music Festival hits NYC December 8th. To celebrate, we are releasing Volume 2 of our SMF Compilation. You could pre-order the CD for the holidays today. Every pre-order includes a Free Download of the full album sent to your email and a limited edition CD mailed to your house before it hits stores!

You can also pick up SMF Volume 1 which features, Yasmin Levy, Yair Dalal, Moshav, Matisyahu and lots more.

<> $18CD (audio fundraiser)
<> $14 Download Direct (audio fundraiser)

Tracklisting: 1. Cheb I Sabbah – “Im Ninalou (If the Doors are Locked)” 2. Axum – “Knowa” 3. Watcha Clan – “Balkan Qoulou (Dunkelbunt Remix)” 4. Cohen@Mushon – “Tel Aviv” 5. Shtar – “Kel Adon” 6. DeLeon – Ansi Dize La Novia 7. Jaffa Road – “Ana El Na (Oh Heal Her)” 8. Sarah Aroeste – La Comida La Mañana 9. Smadar & Diwon – “Esther” 10. Mika Karny – “Mi Zot” 11. Sam Glaser – Ki Eshmera (ft. Yehuda Solomon & Duvid Swirski of Moshav, Cantor Hagai Batzri) 12. Kiss Slash Crooked Smile – “Healthy Lovin” 13. Mazal – “La Rosa Linda” 14. Diwon – Gonna Light (ft. Y-Love & Sarah Aroeste) 15. Onili – “Bali Lo Bali” feat. Yael Deckelbaum 16. Diwon – “Stuck in the Middle Eastern” 17. Asefa – “Allah Hu Ehad” 18. Mor Karbasi – “Arvoles”

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Founded by Erez Safar, Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media.

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