Stevie Wonder’s statement on why he ditched the FIDF banquet sounds like he is being impartial. Yet, a real impartiality would be to play for both audiences. The fact that he cancelled is a victory for Israel’s enemies — and a major dis to Israel.

A Message from Stevie Wonder
“Given the current and very delicate situation in the Middle East, and with a heart that has always cried out for world unity, I will not be performing at the FIDF Gala on December 6th. I am respectfully withdrawing my participation from this year’s event to avoid the appearance of partiality. As a Messenger of Peace, I am and have always been against war, any war, anywhere. In consistently keeping with my spirit of giving, I will make a personal contribution to organizations that support Israeli and Palestinian children with disabilities.

Hoping for one world, one people, one day, Stevie Wonder.”

Stevie we are all for world peace. Count me in. But this move is a sucker punch, a coup for BDS, and will not advance the cause of peace one iota. And as a Detroiter, this just got personal.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • It’s odd to say that Stevie is not being impartial. In the very statement quoted above, Wonder states he will donate money to charities that benefit BOTH Israeli and Palestinian children. I would call that impartiality – no?

    And I don’t even understand this charity. Is Israel incapable of taking care of its own soldiers? What’s up with that?

    In any case, I don’t think Wonder is boycotting Israel. He probably thought twice about performing at a function specifically dedicated to glorifying the IDF, a force that just got through bombing Gaza.