From the man how brought you The Hebrew Hammer, Jonathan Kesselman, is on to his next and greatest project, Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler. Everyone who has seen he first Jewsloitation film the Hebrew Hammer knows that Kesselman is a crazy genius.

Kesselman has teamed up with Jewcer, the Jewish community crowd-funding platform to raise money for the next film. He is out to raise 200k to get the project rolling.

Here is the plot of the movie.

When Hitler gets his hand on Time Sukkah technologyâ„¢ and begins rewriting Jewish History, Mordechai Jefferson Carver (The Hebrew Hammer) and Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim set out through time to stop him. Can the Hammer and Mo prevent Hitler from un-inscribing the Jewish people from the book of life?

So why not help out a bad Heeb like the Hammer and give some gelt to this mitzvah!

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