Just Born, the maker of PEEPS® marshmallow candies in various chick-shapes, and MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, PEANUT CHEWS® and TEENEE BEANEE® jelly beans got into the holiday spirit with a series of e-cards that featured various holiday PEEPS. After some criticisms, they have eliminated the e-card that featured a PEEP (a candy cane flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in chocolate) wearing a kippah and apologizing that it brought a “Shiksa” to the recipient’s holiday party. (BTW – The peeps naturally have a flat hooked nose)

Neither the peep, Mike, Ike, nor the Shiksa are MOT. But the creators of the e-card campaign are Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg of Terry and Sandy Solution. You may know of their work on Oreo’s, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”

In a written statement, the candy makers said, “At a time when holidays can be stressful, the Peeps e-cards were designed to offer a bit of fun and comic relief…. We are sensitive to the concern any consumer may share and will not include this e-card” as part of the campaign.

I recommend they replace the text in the e-card with the words, “If the dreidel lands on Gimel, can I get my payout in chocolate chicken feed?”

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