As far as I’m concerned it’s a match made in heaven. We’re super pleased to announce that from this day forth, if you want Jewlicious swag, you can get it from NU Campaign! NU Campaign was an idea born out of the ROI Community and the brainchild of David Kramer:

NU Campaign is an Israel based t-shirt brand that aims to create a global community of ambassadors for important humanitarian causes, through unique designer t-shirts. On the inside of every NU t-shirt, close to the wearers heart, a unique message about the cause is printed, so that you literally carry the story close to your heart and represent it to your world everytime you wear the shirt.

A fun, edgy Biker Gang take-off of the Tel Aviv shirt.

So basically, NU Campaign teams up with various Israeli and Jewish non-profits, sells and markets their t-shirt designs, thus providing them with a way to raise funds and promote their agendas. It’s a brilliant idea and a successful one too! They don’t just market stuff online, they have a brick and mortar address as well. NU Campaign just moved to a store on Ben Hillel street in downtown Jerusalem, just off of the Ben Yehuda pedestrian walk (across from Kosher Pizza Hut). There they not only sell shirts but also invite groups in to hear about the different Israeli and Jewish non-profits they work with. It’s a great store, full of friendly staff and if you’re in Jerusalem, you should totally go – even if it’s just to say hello! I can’t think of a better place and a better crew to sell Jewlicious shirts. Check it out and get a shirt today – they deliver pretty much everywhere.

Always a crowd fave whether worn as an act of faith or irony

Why should hipsters have all the fun? Is that Che Guevara? No! It’s Herzl! And finally! A shirt you can wear at the Gaza City pride parade!

Our NU Campaign shirt designs are fun and edgy – often misunderstood but always thought provoking. Like our “Hell Aviv” shirts. Do we hate Tel Aviv? Heavens no! But if there was a motorcycle gang in Tel Aviv, who would not want to be a member!? And who doesn’t love Hashem? Or Herzl? Sure beats wearing a Ché Guevara shirt like every other clueless suburban anarchist. And how can you not love our Palestine is for Lovers shirt? The rainbow heart makes it the perfect shirt for Gaza City pride parades. Oh wait, is it “pinkwashing” if it’s true? Wear it on campus or send it to your fave activist!

Thanks to Effie for posing for all these pics – you rock!

P.S.: By the way, we never got paid. Like, not a nickel. If you want any Jewlicious Apparel, get some at our CafePress store.

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