I am (well at least I was) struggling to find the words to discuss this “Purim” video by our dear friends at Bubala Please. I mean there is a Haman, an Achashverosh (played by Jewlicious Festival Alum Smooth E!), a Mordechai and a hot Esther as well as the requisite Hammentaschen for noshin’. But there’s also a random writhing “shiksa,” enough swear words and sexual references to make any gangsta rapper blush, and of course, Jaquann and Luis, our Jew-ish, bubala please, West Coast gang bangers. Now some may take umbrage with this video, and I would understand that, except Purim takes place during the Jewish month of Adar and there’s this thing we Jews say this time of the year: “משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה” – (Mishenichnas Adar Marbnim Beh Simcha) When Adar comes in, we increase our joy. And this Joy is centered around Purim where we read the Story of Esther in the Megillah, boo the evil Haman, wear silly costumes and get so plastered (this is an actual religious requirement!) that we can’t distinguish between Haman and Mordechai. Also there is a tradition of putting on “Purim Spiels” – entertaining skits that are often ridiculous. In that respect, this Bubala Please video may very well be the most authentically Jewish thing our friends have ever produced!

Now if you like this kind of thing and want to support Jewish innovation in general, visit the Bubala Jewcer page at http://jewcer.com/bubalaplease. Help them out a little and also help out Jewcer – a crowd funding platform dedicated to innovative Jewish projects, most of which involve hood rats and Jewish pastries doubling as female junk. So… yeah. Enjoy and Happy Purim! MotherFu… oh never mind.

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  • You did a great job of capsulizing the essence of We Doin’ Purim from our dear friends at Bubala Please. It is most clever and a little naughty, a most impressive duo. Hammentaschen for noshin’ is destined to become the new, hip, urban battle cry!!!!!