Locusts on The Route 171 E-W Highway in the Western Negev

Without passports or visas, nor even Birthright Israel applications, millions of locust have crossed from the Sinai into Israel this week. The swarms can eat and destroy over half a field of vegetation and food in 24 hours. The Israeli government, in association with an Israeli pesticides manufacturer, have been spraying infested areas in order to control or kill the kosher insects.

Locust Kebabs a la Ramat HaNegev

Fire up your grill, gas or charcoal
Place a dozen locusts on a shish kabob skewer
Cook skewers, turning repeatedly so as not to burn, until burnished brown
Cut off cooked head, wings, and legs; dispose of them.
EAT body

You can also boil locusts for 5 minutes, remove heads, wings, legs, and fry the bodies in olive oil til browned. Add chili, ginger, kumin, garlic or other spices. EAT.

According to the Mishna (though Rabbi Yehuda said no blessing is needed, but his view is not followed), the prayer prior to eating locusts: שהכל נהיה בדברו‎

על החומץ, ועל הנובלות, ועל הגובאי – אומר: “שהכל”.
על החלב, ועל הגבינה, ועל הביצים – אומר: “שהכל”.

For things which do not grow from the earth, say: “For everything”.
For vinegar, and for unripe fruits and for the locusts, say: “For everything”.
For milk, and for cheese and for eggs, say: “For everything”.

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