Anthony Weiner

Yeah, there’s no shortage of oh so clever Anthony Weiner related headlines. What else can you expect when a guy called Weiner becomes involved in SO many penis related scandals? While running to be the next Mayor of New York? Of course most of the headlines are childish really – but this latest one from Gothamist? They hit it right out of the park! The back story?

Weiner’s campaign manager, 31-year-old Danny Kedem, has called it quits, apparently fed up with trying to negotiate the increasingly turbulent waters of Weiner’s rapidly unraveling bid for the mayorship.

Nothing noteworthy about rats deserting a sinking ship really… but that headline? Kudos gentlemen. Kudos. In the meantime, Weiner plans to stay in the race. If he loses the Democratic Primary, but his wife, long-time Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, doesn’t ditch him, he could always get a gig as a blogger on I wonder how much they pay?

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