Tobias Haase, Jan Mettler and Lydia Lohse, film students at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany, created this fake Mercedes-Benz ad as their Thesis. Featured is Mercedes Benz’s Collision Prevention Assist which is designed to detect “dangers before they happen.” As such, the Mercedes stops ahead of some young German girls playing on the road. However, when the Mercedes comes upon a young Adolf Hitler, something completely different happens, much to little Adolf’s Mom’s great consternation.

The students who produced this video wondered what it would be like if machines had souls. And could uhm… travel back in time. They had to use a Mercedes because only a Mercedes has Collision Prevention Assist. They couldn’t use a Volkswagen because Hitler is Volkswagen’s Father and as soon as Little Adolf was killed there would be a break in the time/space continuum and the car would disappear. Or something…

Needless to say, Mercedes is not very happy with this but since it’s a parody, I doubt there’s much they can do. Also, Mercedes built cars for Hitler so, you know, STFU Mercedes.

Hat Tip: JewTube

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