Gil and Arie Gat on Rising Star - Channel 2, Israel

Gil and Arie Gat on Rising Star – Channel 2, Israel

Rising Star, the licensed “Idol” TV singing contest on Israel Channel 2, has made stars of young men and women, guest workers, settlers, Arab-Israelis, Jewish Israelis, and now two brothers who identify as ultra-Orthodox. Although some say that labeling people and acts just leads to divisions, the music act of fomer Jerusalem street buskers Arie Gat and Gil Gat is gaining in TV contest popularity.

The brothers, originally secular and from Eilat, chose observant lifestyles post-Army, nearly two decades ago. They wowed fans with Simon a& Garfunkel’s The Sounds of Silence, and “The Hotel California” by The Eagles.

A novelty act? Perhaps. Their chance at a music distribution contract? Maybe. A chance to create more love and connection between secular TV viewers and haredim? Gil’s neighbors in Beir Shemesh think so.

and some lecha dodi action

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