Today is the International Day of Ladino and if you are in NY you might have caught some Ladino at my Sephardic Music Festival in NY and if you are in L.A. than you will be able to catch it at uCLADINO a symposium on the subject in collaboration with the first ever L.A. Sephardic Music Festival which will take place in March 2014 and will feature one of the most important contemporary Ladino songstresses, Sarah Aroeste herself. If you can’t wait till March, check out “Las Estrayas” which just hit youtube and “En Suenyo Te Vi” which was released a couple months ago and begins with Sarah singing in Ladino, “Anoche en durmiendo, Yo en suenyo te vi, Tu sunrisa tan dulse, Tus palavras a mi” which means, “Last night as I was sleeping, I saw you in my dreams, Your smile so sweet, Your words to me”. I had a lot of fun producing these videos with the Bancs Media team and hope you enjoy them on this Ladino day.

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