israelsexactsfilm1S#x Acts, an Israeli drama directed by Johnathan Gurfinkel (of Eretz Nehederet fame) and written by Rona Segal , is being released in select cities in the United States in December. Based on “true events” (yes, it is as true as every story of the new girl in high school that has been played out in every country in the world, and every ABC-TV After School Special), the film (in six acts, not sex acts) tells the story of Gili (Actress Sivan Levy), who moves with her family to an affluent area of the Tel Aviv metro and decides to “putout” like no one has ever done before so that she can be popular with the pre-Army boys.

(Here is the trailer. No, it is not the cellfone uploaded film of her giving oral sex to her classmate)

What can we say? Gili is a people pleaser, especially if you have a car, a pool, and a tattoo.

Gili’s family is not rich (he4r father passed out on a couch in a drab flat), so she has her dates drop her off at a nicer apartment building (I think I saw this in “Fame.”) Gili targets Tomer (Roy Nik), who might be shy, but he knows how to make out while his friends wait for him in a parking lot. And Tomer’s friend, Omri (Eviatar Mor) teaches her to dry hump while Tomer passively watches (I think I saw this on “Fame” also).

So.. I know what you’re thinking… Gili is Israel who is willing to put out for European countries and America to be accepted and liked in the high school known as the international community, and this is just a metaphor for getting screwed in six acts (6 decades), while Tomer remains silent and Omri (an aggresive horny guy) takes control. He flatters her, he puts her down, he (U.S. State Department) flatters and confuses her. The girls (U.N.) make fun of Gili but are impressed by her sexual prowess (Israel’s technical skills and patents) Barel (Tal Grushka) tries to snag a piece of of the action (the U.S. Jewish community), as does Shabat (Niv Zilberberg), who must be the religious parties. Okay OK.. probably not a metaphor at all, but just a story of a girl in high school.

And you know where it is headed. Israel gets treated poorly like a slut as time goes on.. I mean Gili is treated like a slut and the parents, like in a Charlie Brown telecast or the Book of Esther, are absent.

(DP: Shark De Mayo; ED: Arik Lahav-Liebovich; DESIGN: Adam Kalderon; EP: Udi Yerushalmy; U.S. DIST: Tribeca Films; Time 96 minutes. Awards: Won Israeli Competition awards for best actress, script and debut film at the 2012 Haifa International Film Festival. FEST: 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. DEAL: Nick Savva, Director of Acquisitions for Tribeca Film and Nicholas Brigaud-Robert on behalf of the filmmakers. Includes Eran Ivanir (Omri’s Father) and Ronit Yudkevich (Omri’s Mother)

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