Jewlicious Festival X: an event like no other. Bringing together young Jews and leaders from across the nation and Southern California to explore, engage, and create a synthesis for the ultimate Weekender experience.

Jewlicious means Jewish and delicious, and it pretty much describes all of our incredible participants, staff, entertainers, and events.

You grab a ticket package and set yourself up in a great cabin aboard the historic RSM Queen Mary. You bring your friends and make a whole weekend of it. It has been said that you are likely to spend more money just hanging out for the weekend. It’s that subsidized a deal.

What is it all about? A lot of things. But one thing is for sure: Our goal is to develop a new experience about having fun and being Jewish where culture and community is center stage, and music is in a strong supporting role.

Choose to celebrate and enjoy the experience as YOU see fit, find your anchor and your shipmates, and expand your horizons along the journey. We invite you to this annual Festival to spark the development of a new young Jewish community and are excited to be on board with you soon!

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