Every year at this time, Adam Sandler reminds us: “So much funukkah / To celebrate Hanukkah.” True—who doesn’t like donuts, latkes, candles, and dreidels?

But as owner of a successful dating site, I know it can also be a time of introspection for marriage-minded singles. It’s almost the end of year – how many dates will I have to go on in 2020? When will I get presents for my own kids, instead of my nieces and nephews? Why haven’t I met the person who shines as brightly as I do?

If that describes you, here are some of the tips my clients have shared with me over the years—and an idea of my own—to celebrate what’s already “bashert” about this brightness and beautiful holiday.

1. Control the 411
Hanukkah can be a challenging time of year. Rarely-seen acquaintances might joke about your singleness at the annual holiday party. At a family gathering, your Bubby might pry like a Mossad spy about your love life. Remember that it’s okay to share only what you want—and turn the conversation back to ancient battles and eight nights of oil. Even if Special Agent Bubby is on the case.

2. Give Back
Hanukkah is all about spreading light. Volunteering does that in spades—and is a great way to meet people. You can sign up to support your favorite cause, donate your unused food to the homeless or distribute menorahs to Jewish patients at a nearby hospital.

3. Take Care of Yourself
Since Hanukkah is around Christmas this year, you likely have at least a few days off from work. Use the opportunity to do some self-care, like attending classes at the gym, visiting a museum, watching your favorite movie, or reading a new novel.

4. Throw Your Own Party
Make some nontraditional latkes (sweet potato and kale, anyone?), host a Shabbat Hanukkah dinner and encourage your friends to bring their friends so you can meet other people—always a good way to learn more about what you are looking for in a spouse.

5. Check Out Singles Events
While they sometimes get a bad rep, I think singles events have value. At the very least, you may make some new friends. And who knows, even if you don’t find your match, you may talk to someone who will end up being perfect for your best friend.

6. Go to Local Hanukkah Events around Town
Go to a menorah lighting in town square, check out a local Hanukkah concert or participate in a dreidel-off. Take a good friend and have fun. Carpe diem — or in today’s day and age, should we say carpe inspo?

7. Spend Time with Your Family
Life is hectic for everyone, and Hanukkah is a great excuse to have a family get-together. Argue with your cousins over applesauce vs. sour cream. Beat your siblings at dreidel – with real gelt. Yes, bring your nieces and nephews presents… you will get paid back one day, and your kids will thank you for the precedent.

8. Log Onto JWed
You knew it was coming! But seriously, I stand by my product. Many other dating platforms foster shallow, superficial connections, resulting in matches that often do not last. You swipe, you judge someone for five seconds based on a few pictures and a short bio and then you’re likely done with them forever. So why not try JWed instead, where you’ll meet authentically Jewish singles who are serious about getting married? Take the holiday to create meaningful connections and see where it leads.

So – to paraphrase the end of the Hanukkah song:

Drink your gin and tonic-ah
Keep looking for the one-akkah
While celebrating the way you wanna-kkah
And have a happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah

Bonus celebration: Make sure to check out JWed’s Hanukkah contest! JWed is giving away $100 gift cards – including from Amazon and Starbucks – each night of Hanukkah to eight lucky winners. Follow our Instagram account @jwed_dating for details on how to enter!

By Ben Rabizadeh
Ben Rabizadeh is owner of JWed, the leading online dating service for authentically Jewish singles seeking meaningful, committed relationships.

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