gsn_omahaThere is something interesting happening in Omaha Nebraska, and it isn’t Warren Buffet offer to pay the person with a perfect NCAA Final 4 grid.

Beth Israel of Omaha Nebraska has removed its pulpit lectern and added a talk show desk, seats for guests, and a backdrop montage of Omaha. It is “Late Night” and “The Late Show” meets Shabbos. Rabbi Jonathan Gross has been the Rabbi at Beth Israel for a decade holds court like Letterman. He opens with a monologue, and has guests to discuss issues or the parshah. The shul used to attract 70 worshipers on a Saturday morning, and is now getting 250.

On recent Shabbats this year, GSN (Good Shabbos Nebraska) featured a Sephardic Shabbat with Sephardi Chazzan Rabbi Moshe Tessone, the Director of The Sephardic Community Program at Yeshiva University, as its guest; aa youth Shabbat with Mexico City-born Rabbi Israel Lashak from the NCSY; Iowa Shabbos with Des Moines UK-born born Rabbi Elib Bolel; and Bird Shabbat featuring Rabbi Chaim Loike, an expert on birds, the Philby Partridge, zoology, and kosher poultry.


Visiting Omaha to see the Furniture Mart and Warren? Put Beth Israel on the itinerary. A member of the OU – the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations – Beth Israel welcomes all persons of the Jewish faith to join, and accepts the diversity of practice and thought among its members.


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